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dealerTEL is the leading nationwide provider of integrated dealership telecomunications products and services exclusively for Automobile Dealerships. Providing desk phones, fax, messaging, call recording, speech and call analytics. dealerTEL Nationwide Networks connect dealerships via private fiber through our regionally located nationwide data centers for the ultimate in high definition voice, high speed data and network security.

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Why is dealerTEL Not Like Any Other Phone Provider?

Call Recording

dealerTEL records 100% of all inbound and outbound desk phone calls

No More Lost Business

With dealerTEL your salespeople will no longer use their personal cell phones to conduct dealership business

No Missed Service Calls

With dealerTEL 100% of all inbound service calls will be answered…guaranteed

Support When You Need It

Every dealerTEL dealership has a dedicated support team for their store

One Number

With dealerTEL every user has one number for their cell phone, desk phone, PC and Tablet

Deep Analytics

With dealerTEL our analytics insure you will never have another unreturned abandoned call

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